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    Shenzhen KnownPCB Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2008,invested by KNOWNPCB of Hong Kong. With more than 15 years’ development,now owned three production plants in Shenzhen, Sichuan and Jiangxi, which are respectively dedicated to the high-mix prototypes from 2-38 layers with fast deliveries, small to medium batches from 1-28 layes, multilayers and HDI mass production.Meanwhile in order to meet customers' one-stop demand from PCB design to PCBA, KnownPCB added 3 fully automatic SMT production lines in 2015.

    Founded in 2008


    More than 800 employees


    More than 80000sqm




    More than 4,000 famous
    enterprises worldwide


    Total investment of
    RMB 200 million


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