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Over 15 years of international customer service experience Our factory was built in 2008

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What PCB and PCBA can we produce?

Multilayers PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBs


High Frequency high speed PCBs

Thick copper/Heavy copper boards

Gold PCBs

Gold finger PCBs

Metal Core PCBs

PCBA/PCB Assembly

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Why trust us for your custom PCB/PCBA?

Over 15 years international service experience

Factory built in 2008 Serving international customers since 2008

Competitive pricing

Manufacture in house without outsourcing Scrapping rate is very low

No MOQ for PCB & PCBA Order

We have 3 production plants One is for small orders started from 1pcs Other two is for large-scale orders

High Quality

Critical quality systems Investing top-level raw materials Advanced equipments

Quick response

Quotation within 2 hours in Chinese working time Order confirmation within 30minutes

On-time delivery

EQ within 12 hours,Finalized within 3 days Fast response ensures on-time delivery

Custom PCB/PCBA is one of the most versatile ways to turn ideas into products. Knownpcb can easily turn your ideas into solutions. Over the years, we have helped individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies succeed with affordable personalized customization, on-time delivery and reliable customer service.


The process of customizing a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) involves several steps, from designing the circuit to final manufacturing and assembly. Contact us for a one-stop solution.
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Solution to common customer issues

Case 1: From Zero to One

Client A is developing a smart wearable device, entering the smart wearables market for the first time. The company lacks experience in designing and producing PCBs suitable for this device.

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Case 2: Performance Enhancement

Client B sought to improve the performance of their high-performance computing device, particularly in heat dissipation and signal integrity. The existing PCB design could not effectively dissipate heat, causing the device to overheat under high load. Additionally, with increasing computing demands, signal integrity issues began to impact the device's performance and reliability.

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Case 3: Solving Existing Problems

Client C encountered technical challenges while developing a new type of ECG monitor. The device requires real-time processing and monitoring of cardiac signals, demanding high PCB performance, especially in signal integrity and long-term stability.

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Who is Knownpcb?

Knownpcb is a manufacturer established in 2008. With 15 years of overseas business experience, we have worked with more than 4,000 customers around the world.

Do you have a MOQ?

There is no MOQ, orders of 1 piece are welcome. Our Shenzhen factory produces small volume and high-mix prototype boards, so we can start from 1 piece. Our Jiangxi factory focuses on mass production with a monthly production capacity of 100,000 square meters. Orders from Tesla, Samsung, ABB, etc., are produced in the Jiangxi factory.

Can you provide PCB+PCBA one-stop service?

Yes, we can provide one-stop service from PCB design, PCB fabrication, to PCB assembly. You can send the Gerber file or any other files to

How do you protect privacy? Can you sign an NDA?

We always respect and protect our customers’ privacy, and we can sign a NDA before receiving any files.

How fast can you produce?

We can produce 2-layer PCBs in 24 hours, 4-layer PCBs in 48 hours, 6-layer PCBs in 72 hours, etc.

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About us

Founded in 2008


More than 600 employees


More than 30000sqm




More than 4,000 famous
enterprises worldwide


Total investment of
RMB 120 million

Shenzhen KNOWNPCB Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008 by KNOWNPCB in HongKong,Shenzhen KNOWNPCB Technology Co., Ltd. has two factories after more than 10 years of development.The prototype factory is located in Fuyong,Shenzhen,focusing on fast deliveries,high-mix protype and small volume for 2-38 layers boards;the batch factory is located in Chengdu,Sichuan,focusing on the middle to mass production of 2-12 layers boards.In order to meet the one-stop PCB+PCBA demand of customers,KNOWNPCB have set up 5 fully automatic SMT production lines in 2018. At present,the company has a total investment of RMB 120 million,a total workforce of more than 600 employees...

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Shenzhen Operation Center

Shenzhen factory (F1)

Producing small and medium batches, fast delivery of orders

Shenzhen Operation Center

Jiangxi Plant 1 (F2)

Producing small and medium batches and HDI orders

Shenzhen Operation Center

Jiangxi Plant 2 (F3)

Producing large and medium-volume orders for multilayer boards

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