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Product name : Stencil
Item : Stencil-1009
Product feature : 
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Material used: Stainless Steel;
Stencil thickness: .001 - .016 inches;
Minimum cut width: .002 inches;
Maximum size: 29"x29" inches;
We make all aperture modifications necessary;
Aperture tolerance within .00025 inches;
Make Framed stencils for a variety of stencil printers;
High-precision <±5UM, low-wall roughness <± 2UM;
Be flexible stencil production according to File,Film or PCB;
Fine-pitch aperture makes smt process efficient;
Each stencil has long life,and it could return the printing of 300,000 times or above;
Steel tension <± 40 Newton with small deformation;
Framed Stencils are 100% laser cut;

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